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5 tips to get more visitors in your store

5 tips to get more visitors in your store
Published: 25.08.2021
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1. Be found by new customers

Not everyone walks by your store on their daily route. But perhaps they live in the neighbor town or work close to you and can therefore be potential customers.

Therefore, make sure that your store is visible on Google. Sign up for free on "Google My Business" where you can add keywords, opening hours and photos of your store.

2. Get an extra show window

Please use social media to promote your business by showing your products on e.g. Instagram or Facebook. You can just take pictures with your mobile and share offers and exciting news. Feel free to use a lot of hashtags on Instagram so that you appear in more searches.

3. Collaborate with the stores next to yours

Let the clothing shop next door serve your coffee beans and in return wear their clothes in your coffee shop. Use and recommend each other and in that way tempt customers to visit both of your stores when they are out shopping.

4. Use data to get more knowledge about your store

Your turnover figures can tell you much more about your business than just the finances. With the free app MyPayments app, you as a Nets customer can e.g., see which times that are the busiest. This is good input when you must plan shifts and hire extra help.

5. Move out of the store or invite inside

Move out on the pavement in front of your store with products that makes your store special. Or invite inside to an event that invites people to stop by, even if the customer hasn’t planned to buy anything. That way, you can get the customers' attention.

Louise Fibiger Ravnkilde
Louise Fibiger Ravnkilde
Senior Digital Content & Communications Manager, Nets A/S