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Card payment in flower shop
Nets explains paymentsWhich cards should you choose to accept and why?
It can be a jungle to understand the difference between all the card schemes, when you need to choose which cards to accept when opening a store or starting a webshop. But one thing is certain, you need to be able to accept card payments.
Does SoftPOS signal the end of payment hardware as we know it?
Payment trendsDoes SoftPOS signal the end of payment hardware as we know it
There’s no doubt that SoftPOS technology is disrupting the payments space. It gives merchants of all sizes the ability to accept contactless payments without a traditional card payment terminal, solving multiple challenges and creating new opportunities for growth. Juniper Research* predicts that the number of smartphones used for contactless SoftPOS payments will grow from 3.2 million in 2021 to nearly 24 million by 2026. This practice of turning a smart device into a payment product is fuelled by the app economy, and as big brands introduce, expand and support this technology on their smartphones, we can expect to see it proliferate further. So, what is so attractive about turning a smartphone into a payment acceptance device? And what are the risks? Let’s start by looking at the customer experience.
Changed consumer behaviour calls for new payment methods
Payment trendsChanged consumer behaviour calls for new payment methods
The Corona pandemic, and the restrictions that came with it, have changed the way consumers act in physical stores. We try to avoid queues and having to touch surfaces unnecessarily such as the buttons on a payment terminal. The changed habits are paving the way for digital payment methods, such as contactless payments. Customers experience greater purchasing freedom and will easily switch between the digital and analogue worlds. How can you accommodate your customers' changed behaviour, give them a good experience and at the same time ensure good working conditions for your employees? Continue reading, and you’ll find out.
How do I accept mobile payments?
Nets explains paymentsHow do I accept mobile payments
In the Nordics, mobile payments are now the second most used payment method, with only card payments being more popular. We’ve become used to contactless payments, therefore the shift from card payments to mobile payments isn't as big a step for consumers. Due to consumers’ increased use, you’ll have more and more customers paying using their phone. In this article we’ll explain the use of mobile payments both in physical and online stores and illustrate the various types of mobile payments.
Which payment terminal should I choose
Nets explains paymentsWhich payment terminal should I choose
There’s a lot of decisions to make, when opening a new store. One of them being which payment terminal to get. In this blog article, you’ll learn more about the different types of terminals, which situations and types of stores they are suited for and whether you should rent or buy a terminal.
The in-store customer of the future
Payment trendsThe in-store customer of the future