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Changed consumer behaviour calls for new payment methods

Changed consumer behaviour calls for new payment methods
Published: 13.06.2023
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The Corona pandemic, and the restrictions that came with it, have changed the way consumers act in physical stores. We try to avoid queues and having to touch surfaces unnecessarily such as the buttons on a payment terminal. The changed habits are paving the way for digital payment methods, such as contactless payments. Customers experience greater purchasing freedom and will easily switch between the digital and analogue worlds. How can you accommodate your customers' changed behaviour, give them a good experience and at the same time ensure good working conditions for your employees? Continue reading, and you’ll find out.

Digitalisation has gained ground

The best webshops offer personal service based on the customers' purchasing behaviour. In addition, they offer flexible payment, delivery, and a pick-up point. As a result of the online experience, consumers now expect the same degree of freedom in physical stores.

As the digitisation is gaining ground, many consumers have acquired a much more fluid shopping pattern The winners will be the companies that bring the best of two worlds together in a seamless customer experience.

A smooth payment flow is key

SoftPOS is a way for you to accept payments in a flexible flow with fast and contactless payment on the spot. Your employees simply use a mobile phone as a payment terminal, and this offers several advantages:

  • The customer can pay on the spot and with the payment method that best suit them

  • The payment moves out onto the floor of the store, so you avoid queuing

  • You can use a SoftPOS solution as either the only payment solution in your store or as a supplement to your traditional payment terminal

  • Simple implementation by just downloading and activating an app

Builds a bridge to the customer's digital world

With a SoftPOS solution, your customers' digital world is connected to the physical world. It provides a fluid and data-driven experience as consumers know it from the best online platforms – combined with the advantages of the physical world.

Customer advice, guidance, selection of products and whatever else is part of the dialogue, merges with the payment itself. This makes it easier for your employees to provide good service and complete the purchase immediately.

Integrates with existing solutions

A SoftPOS solution can work alone or be integrated with existing or new checkout systems. Loyalty programs can also be integrated, so that the new payment solution can be included as an extension of the existing setup for payments – and thus raise the level of service in your store.

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Louise Fibiger Ravnkilde
Louise Fibiger Ravnkilde
Senior Digital Content & Communications Manager, Nets A/S